Dudar Learning is the most powerful program for achieving academic excellence

The program ensures Every student gets a very customised solution for his/her academic needs

Dudar learning Program assigns you with the most efficient team to workwith you. Dudar never leaves you alone . Unlike Conventional Private tuitions, where there is no control of your Progress, Dudar Learning Program provides you a structured tutoring


6 Learning steps with Dudar Learning

It is the most structured tutoring program specially designed for you!

Step 1

Exhaustive discussion with our Academic Counsellor in order to map the requirement of the student

Step 2

After the understanding the requirement of the student, Our Academic Counsellor will discuss with the academic coordinator who will prepare a plan truly customised for the student

Step 3

Once the Customised planner is made, Our Academic Coordinator will assign one Subject Expert, One Class monitor and one Acadmic Guide to the student

Step 4
Course Delivery

Our assigned Subject expert will deliver the complete course as per the decided planner and schedule.

Step 5

The Class monitor will monitor the course delivery and analyse the Progress of the student and report to the Academic guide.

Step 6

Academic guide will discuss the corrective measures based on the course progess report submitted by the class monitor.

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