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Become the Helping hand for the student even after the School time is over.
Who better than you can understand the Children needs?

Dudar- A true Companion of School

Create a doubt free learning ecosystem with the help of Dudar's school Programe . Give your students the best gift which they can ever have. Help them at the time when they need you the most.

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Embrace the future of learning with Dudar

Give the personalized solution to your student so that they learn with their learning Pace.If a student with no back logs sits in a class the next day, the course delivery becomes seamless. And thus We create a Win Win situation for everyone.

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How Does Dudar Helps Schools in ensuring Academic excellence ?

The schools, wtih the help of Dudar, can now ensure that no child feels unatttended even after the school time. And they can win trust of Parents.

  • It helps students in solving their doubts instantly thus ensuring no doubts remain pending, in a way taking off the burden of schools.
  • The pressure of revision, Doubt resolution will be lessened. Now schools can fully concentrate on course delivery.
  • It makes School 24x7 tech-enabled. where they can instill confidence in students that school is with them even after school timing
  • The school will have a strong academic team always working for it in all unforeseen Situations ensuring uninterrupted learning
  • Uninterrupted learning will ensure improvement in academic results thus making schools become best from better


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If students doubts are resolved with the help of us, It becomes easier to manage the core teaching


With a doubt free ecosystem, the student performance rises manifold and indirectly it benefits Schools


Studen's progress can be tracked seamlessly. This ensures controlled pedagogy

Dudar enabled Schools are smarter, and have greater trust value.

Don't You think that if student is helped at the time when they are stuck with their doubts, this will ease out their struggles and thus they feel blessed.

Instant resolution

A tutor is a click away. Student are helped when they need it most.


There is no need to wait for doubt resolution. Tutors are available 24x7 , so a student can take help anytime anywhere.

No recorded Videos, Only Live tutoring

Who better than a teacher can understand the problem of student. The most easisest way of doubt resolution is to conect the student with a live tutor. Recorded videos and text solutions are not the efficient way of doubt resolution.

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Dudar provides the best learning experience to students.

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Embrace the future with Dudar.