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Whether you are just starting out as a tutor, or an experienced Teacher who is passionate about teaching, the Dudar tutors app will help you in connecting with students 24*7. Dudar is a tutor on-demand app that students use to solve their doubts and learn concepts. We are very keen about Quality and thus our recruitment process is somewhat rigorous that is why our teachers are paid handsomely.

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5 Steps to get onboard and Earn.



Download the Dudar Tutor app from the play store for free. Set your Language preferences, Subjects and chapters to get started.


After completing your profile, Submit the demo video to demonstrate your teaching Skill


Submit the KYC documents- your Id, Adhar Card and Pan card


Watch the tutorial video to see how, the tutor App works


Our payment cycle is monthly. The payment withdrawal can be requested from 1st to 7th of every month

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1How does Dudar Tutor App Work?

Doubt Solving-After getting onboarded, you need to Login as per your convinient time and go online to recieve doubts in a form of a video call, where you will recieve the Questions as per your selected preference. After going through the Question you can decide to accept or decline the Call. After the Student gets connected,you have to solve the doubts by showing all required steps. After finishing the call you can give feedback to the students.

Training-From time to time You will get training videos out of which there would be few videos which will be mandatory for you to watch. Without watching the mandatory videos, your account will remain inactive. Payment- You will get the payment by 7th of every month through Bank transfer to your account Number provided by you. The due TDS will be deducted with every payment.

2 How is the payment calculated for a tutor?

The payment is calculated on the basis of Video call duration for each Problem solved or Live Class taken. The per minute rate depends on the class,Exam, Feedbacks or Working hours of the day. It also depends on whether you are Verified tutor or not. In addition to the above, A tutor can earn Bonuses after completing a minimum number of Sessions with Positive Feedbacks.

3How much a Dudar tutor can earn?

A serious tutor can earn in a range of Rs 5000 to Rs 70000, working part time or Full time with us.

4 Does a tutor need to commit some minimum Working hours or Minimum Number of doubts?

No A tutor can choose when to be online to recieve Doubts. There is no minimum Commitment of Number of hours or Number of Doubts. But it is highly recommneded to be active on the App to be a high rated tutor which ensures a high earning potential.

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